Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Half A Day

I decided to forgo my morning run in order to listen to a Bible study.  My soul needed strengthening more than my body this morning.

I dragged four baskets of laundry up from the basement and began folding.  It was the quiet hours of the day, before the kids are fully awake or awake at all.

But they always know how to find me.   As they bound down the stairs, asking for a cup of juice, a cup of milk, a bowl of cereal, I strain to hear the words of the Bible teacher. Words I desperately need to hear, encouraging me from the book of Ezra.

Someone, a small sprite, pounds on the bathroom door the whole time I'm in the shower. She knows instinctively when a door closes and she's been shut out.  And she hates to be separated from me.

Someone is moody all morning long, and it's not me.  The glass isn't even half empty, it's just plain empty with this child on this day.  Talking things out, taking a Break, giving consequences doesn't curb any of the negativity.  A plate of pretzels with a scoop of peanut butter seems to do the trick, though.

I'm accused of breaking promises, like "You said maybe we could read this book after we were done!"  This child doesn't understand the operative words maybe and done.

We have one stellar potty trained toddler in the house, the one (out of three) that I didn't have to coerce, threaten or bribe into giving up diapers. Every time she uses the potty, which is often because she drinks a lot, she completely disrobes.  And  would then like to do one of three things.  One- run around the house naked for at least a minute.  Two- pretend she wants to get dressed then refuse to let me help her.  She laughs, I try to play along. But I've got two kids sitting at the table with a book I threw haphazardly before them as I ran to try to prevent #1 from happening.  Three- painstakingly dress herself while I wait pseudo-patiently.

I'm in need of a breather and some lunch.  I make a beautiful salad made of hodgepodge from the refrigerator.  Potty-girl, who is wearing only undies, roams into the kitchen as I'm about to take a bite.  She's rubbing her eyes and crying.  She needs a nap, but first I make her lunch. Easy Mac.  Then I decide it would be better to make the other two lunches before I sit down to eat my lunch because the moment I do sit down... you know who will wander in asking for something to eat.  I make two more meals.  A ham sandwich and spaghetti-os.  I call to the other two.  "We'll be right there!" they respond.  I sit down and eat my whole salad, and they never show up.

Nap time doesn't happen.  Not for Potty-girl, anyway. I lay down with her and find myself falling asleep, however.  It's only 2 pm.  Can a young thirty-something like me really be this tired already?

The day is only half over.  What adventures await in the other half?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Still Love It

I just placed an order at Grace Works  to refill some pages in my Beautiful Life Management system.  I wrote a review of this awesome planner at the end of last year and I have to say, I still love it and I continue to build new and better habits when it comes to managing my home and my life.

I don't get any perks for mentioning these products, but I just love to pass on a good thing. Friends have asked me if I still use my planner.  And I've met a lot of mommies in the past year that are on that elusive search for order in their home.  I'm sure there are lots of android and iphone apps out there to help you, if you are a Technology Girl.  But me, I'm a pen and ink kinda girl, who carries a Trac Phone, so this has worked perfectly for me.  If you're craving some organization, check out the website, ask questions, and get hooked up with a planning system that works for you.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Journal for September 4th- 2nd Week of School

  • In my life this week… I'll try to make up for the lost school day on Monday, all because I like to stick to a schedule.

  • In our homeschool this week… another week of introduction to our  new curriculum, and learning about maps/globes and ecosystems.

  • Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… Give everyone permission to take a break

  • I am inspired by… paint colors.  What an amazing array.

  • Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…I'm hoping for a fairly quiet week of getting back into routine (or finding a routine!).  I'm actually glad rain is predicted for the next two days because it well help to convince the kids that summer is over.

  • My favorite thing this week was… seeing how Mister just naturally helps me out by playing with Petite.

  • What’s working for us… math drill sheets from here.  I used these with Mister a few years ago and they are coming in handy for both he and B-E-G this year.  I love how they only introduce two new problems at a time.

  • Questions/thoughts I have… Why must math be so... terrible?

  • Things I’m working on…following through with promises. It's easy to get  side-tracked with all that is going on in our home, but I don't want to forget to do the little things I said I would (like gluing a toy back together)

  • I’m reading… I got a few new books at our local discount store including a few parenting books- and I said I'd quit doing it to myself!

  • I’m cooking… Oh right, I have to cook this week.  Better make that menu.

  • I’m grateful for… a wonderful weekend with our friends who "stay-cationed" with us.  It was just such easy fellowship.

  • I’m praying for… my little Petite, who has come down with a cold... and praying that B-E-G's ear is feeling better. Otherwise, off to the doctor we go.

  • A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
Spelling with Scrabble Cheez-Its.  Yum and fun!