Friday, October 31, 2014

Good News Deserves... Prayer!

I have joyful news to report!

We found out on Monday that we are having a baby boy, hopefully in March.  March 28th is my official due date, but I say "hopefully" because...

Baby looks great and is growing just as he should.  We did discover, via ultrasound, that I have complete placenta previa.  This is when the placenta is fully covering the cervix, making it impossible for the baby to be delivered naturally.  I wasn't surprised by this information at all, because I have had bleeding nearly every week of this pregnancy.  Thankfully it has been over three weeks since I've had bleeding, though.  I suspected, after some research, that something might be up with the placenta, as this was a very unusual thing for me to experience. Granted, it's been a while since I had a baby, and I am older, but it still was unusual. In some ways, it was comforting to have a reason for why this was happening.

However, after doing a little more research, I discovered that placenta previa can mean far more than just a c-section.  It can mean a host of dangerous things happening suddenly, like bleeding, even hemorrhage.  Which can lead to early birth via emergency c-section.  There are also even more serious things that can happen, like the placenta attaching itself to the uterus, requiring a hysterectomy in order to control bleeding.

But enough of the scary stuff.  The good news is this isn't the end of the story and there is the possibility that my placenta will migrate north as the baby grows.  He might pull it along with him.  We are asking all our friends and family to pray that this will happen.

I confess, it is really scary to think of what could happen.  But I'm so thankful for the peace that surpasses understanding.  I know that our baby, and I, am safe in the hands of the Lord.  We tend to think that in certain situations we are "safer" than in others.  We are "safe" if our test results come back normal.  We are "safe" if we are wearing our seat belt.  We are "safe" if all our ducks are in a row.

In truth, the Lord is showing me that I am always completely safe with Him in control.  And there is never, ever a moment when He is not.

Recently on Facebook I saw the status of someone I do not know.  You know how that is- you see all these posts from friends of friends, mostly things you don't want to. But this one said something like this: You always wonder how you will respond when such and such a thing happens- cancer, death, other difficult circumstances. You wonder if you will trust in the Lord, as you know you should.  And then the trial comes, the test not much different than what Abraham went through when asked to sacrifice Isaac.  And the Lord carries you. He is your constant presence reminding you that He is still the same loving God who is in control.  And you trust, maybe not perfectly, but His faithfulness provides your faith.

I am thankful that, though I don't like what is and what could be, I can dwell on the truth. His Spirit is with me and ministering truth to me.

Josh and I went out to celebrate after our sonogram. We bought a few things for our baby boy- some long sleeve onesies and a little sleeper with deer on it, a pair of jeans.  We pulled out baby's pictures to admire him.  The mere thought that anything could endanger his health and well-being just strengthens my love for him.  This child I have only seen through ultrasound.  It again just reminds me of how much deeper God's love is for me and how much he cares for our children, too.  This love that we have for our children is just a mere reflection of God's love for us.  And if I feel so fiercely protective of this child, wow... how much more is my Father in Heaven protective of his children.

It doesn't mean things will follow my plan, but it does mean I can fully trust the Lord with my life and my child's.

So we ask you to pray for the very best situation in the coming months.

And we rejoice that  God has seen fit to give us another son!